The Three Pears - project background

A proposed landmark sculpture illustrating the black pear tree, the emblem of the county of Worcestershire

Introduction and history

The project has been published on the artist's website since 2004. Since 2003 discussions regarding the project have taken place with officers within local authorities within Worcestershire including Worcester City Council, Worcestershire County Council and Wychavon District Council. These discussions have involved identifying potential sites for The Three Pears sculpture within Worcestershire. The potential sites, are one, within the City of Worcester, two, along the M5 motorway corridor and lastly within the district of Wychavon; Thus far the latter offers the most suitable locations for the sculpture. Currently the site at the Evesham Country Park, situated to the north-east of Evesham, alongside the A46 dual carriageway is potentially the most suitable location. This raised site is prominent to the surrounding lower lying landscape, affords an almost 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and is within a site complex that is furnished with service facilities and is located aside a main arterial vehicle route within the region.

Video of model three at the Wychavon Civic Centre, Pershore, Worcestershire in 2012

Proposed site for the sculpture - Evesham Country Park, nr. Evesham, Worcestershire

Bisecting the image from top to the lower middle area is the A46 dual carridgeway. At the roundabout: To the north-east is the Country Park. To the west is the A44 and to the east lies the A46 single carridgeway. To the south lies the town of Evesham.

The site for the proposed sculpture is situated middle of the photograph as noted by the green dot. The site lies within an elevated area overlooking the Vale of Evesham. From the viewing platform at twenty-two metres, high within the proposed sculpture, views experienced by those asending the sculpture will range across to the west to Pershore, to the north Bidford on Avon and east and south-east the expanse of the Vale of Evesham.

Funding and supporters of the project

Funding award: Worcestershire County Council

Supporter: Wychavon District Council

Supporter: Evesham Country Park

Supporter: Evesham Market Towns Partnership

Supporter: Vale of Evesham Landscape Trust

Structural Engineers: Tony Gee and Partners LLP