Samaritan Woman

Samaritan Woman at the Well


White resin, wood, 5'9" x 8'2" x 4'

The first work to display the figure sculpture with the wooden assembly surround. I am quite sure my visit to the 1989 Exhibition Leonardo da Vinci at the Hayward Gallery, London gave me the impetus to construct this work. The exhibition piece Model of a Flying Machine of a life size figure model within the winged apparatus displayed as in motion, must as an image, bear some relevance to the composition of my own piece. At the same time the work of the Russian Constructivist Valdimar Tatlin, contributed to my imagery, his work Letatlin a winged apparatus shows within an actual man manoeuvring the apparatus.

Samaritan Woman - toke plan view

Drawing: plan view of Samaritan's yoke