White resin, wood, life-size

This piece was finished in its initially conceived form in 1999. However the artist felt the composition of the figures, and more noticeably the design and scale of the wooden assembly, required changes to communicate more readily the nature of the work's concept, than was achieved in the piece's first arrangement.

Both Legacy assemblies reflect the assembly structural format as seen in Twins: A horizontal oval main frame bisected by a diagonal frame. The Twins assembly consists of a horizontal frame referring to the female sex, and the diagonal frame, the pregnant uterus.The inclusion of the horizontal oval frame used again in the design of the Legacy assembly, is developed further: its shape is articulated moreso referring to the female sex. The diagonal frame work illustrating the pregnant uterus is replaced in the Legacy assembly, by a sloping frame suggesting the male phallus. The interaction as indicated by assembly structure, presupposes the engagement about to take place by the couple themselves.This work illustrates a couple about to engage in copulation. Within the winged structure as seen positioned upon the man’s shoulders, are features that bear reference to events this century. Man’s character, his biological and psychological circumstances will not change, thus the character’s future progeny, as will the third millennium, will together inherit significant characteristics.

Assembly surround: sketch, silk-screen print, front elevation